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Providing expert guidance to the “AOL Talk” business launch team

When AOL decided to diversify its product portfolio to enter the UK home phone market with AOL Talk, they asked Quortex to help them evaluate the Programme needed to deliver this critical new offering.

Whilst many elements essential to success were already in place, Quortex identified some key changes and improvements to both the Programme organisation and controls. Once a new Programme Manager was on board, Quortex built the AOL Talk programme plan from the ground up. The ultimate success of this new plan owed much to the fact that cross-functional representatives were actively involved in its development, which meant that they had a thorough understanding of the programme overall as well as their role within it.

When AOL Talk was launched on plan, it proved a huge success with its members. Commenting on the role Quortex played, AOL’s Senior Vice President David Carr commented “Quortex are pragmatic and level headed people who gave us straightforward advice and provided experienced resources who could understand our business. They were definitely on our wavelength and while some consultancies choose to remain very much apart, the Quortex guys were part of the team”



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