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In the fast moving Telco and Internet sector, time to market can mean the difference between success and failure. Looking to strengthen its position in the UK, Cable & Wireless needed to quickly bring over forty new products and services to market. Realising that this degree of parallel development would need a new approach, they asked Quortex to help lead the change.

Quortex quickly brought focus to bear to ensure that critical projects were being implemented to achievable cost, time and scope requirements. And then in parallel, by working across the business functions, developed and implemented a realistic framework for product development and launch. The new framework brought clarity and certainty about what could be delivered and when across the large portfolio of developments. The results speak for themselves – time to market reduced by 30%, “simple” products launched in four weeks, the level of rework reduced significantly, and a useable framework implemented that gave the business the confidence and discipline to meet promised dates.

As Judith Baker – then Head of New Product Introduction said, “When I first approached Hugh, we were struggling to deliver a large portfolio of separate developments without enough structure and discipline. I knew what Quortex had done in the past and I felt certain that they would be able to help me. They brought clarity of thinking, and a good deal of pragmatism and energy to help us address our issues.”



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