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A leading pharmaceutical company needed to develop a ‘single team ethos’ across themselves and 5 major vendors who all formed part of their most ambitious Systems Integration programme.

For the programme to be a success, the team needed to be able to reach beyond functional and organisational boundaries, and work effectively together focussed around a shared goal. The emphasis was on helping each of the 60 strong senior team members to embrace their individual responsibility for ensuring the success of the overall programme. Quortex put together an event that combined relevant and stimulating experiential learning exercises– for example - to expose the real dangers of ‘silo’ working, with practical exercises to address some of the challenges faced by the programme, such as creative solutions to reducing elapsed time during integration testing.

By combining a deep understanding of individual and team dynamics with vast experience in the reality of delivering major integration and change programmes, Quortex were able to effect a step change in behaviour which was immediately visible within the programme. With improved team working, costly mistakes can be avoided and the risk to the success of any programme, reduced.



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