A unique combination

A blend of technically, culturally & commercially astute people

Optimising Operational Performance

Whether you are looking for improvement in a specific area or a 'drains up' on performance, Quortex will help you quickly get to the heart of the matter through insightful analysis of Customer insight, engagement with individuals & teams and getting underneath data and KPIs. With direct experience in leading Operational Teams, we will develop an actionable plan that will deliver real and sustainable improvements.

By focusing on outcomes, we can help get the best solutions across operational domains including:

  • How to get the best from your people - coaching, engagement, communicating and performance management.
  • Developing a customer lead operation through effective customer engagement; understanding the Customer experience, measuring your impact on customer loyalty and putting in place closed loop feedback processes.
  • KPIs - building a capability to measure the right things rather than what can be measured.
  • Processes and systems - ensuring that rework is minimized; cycle times are reduced; unnecessary activity (customer & internal) eliminated and that your processes and systems are engineered to enable your people to focus on their customers and for customers to experience the most positive interactions.

For examples of how we have delivered real value to clients through our expertise in Business Analysis and Business
Architecture, click here to read our CASE STUDIES.


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