A unique combination

A blend of technically, culturally & commercially astute people

Quortex Core Team Biographies

Hugh Buckley
Hugh is a founding team member and Managing Director of Quortex. He has helped clients set up and deliver major programmes of work, ranging from the restructuring of departments, through the development of supply, SI and outsourcing contracts, to the setting up of a 1 billion Global Transformation …
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Iain Davidson
Iain is a Director in Quortex and has been a member of the team since 2001. Working with clients to re-engineer their business solutions (processes, systems, organisations), Iain has helped to enhance the customer experience, reduce operational and business costs and reduce time to market for new products …
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Dave Watler
With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Communications), Dave has helped clients in the UK and Europe to successfully complete projects to deliver and launch new technology based products and services …
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Mo Prins
Mo is Quortex’ Office Manager and therefore - as anyone involved in running a business will know - a pivotal member of the team! Originally from the Netherlands and with a degree in Business Administration she worked for a short while as a marketing manager in the Financial Services sector as well as spending a significant amount of …
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